More Ways to Help

You’ve signed up to volunteer locally, and for the Red Cross and your local mutual aid group (if not see here: There’s a big old bunch of other stuff that you can do to help, some if it WELL EASY. You can download the Covid-19 Symptom Tracker that Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS TrustContinue reading “More Ways to Help”

The life-changing magic of Lauren Lavern

I mean, we loved her before the zombie apocalypse, right? Warm, funny, charming, making 6music Breakfast the best way to start the day properly. But NOW? She’s taken 6music’s two million and counting listeners and turned us into a FAMILY. It’s no longer the best way to start the day properly – it’s the ONLYContinue reading “The life-changing magic of Lauren Lavern”

Government Help for Self-Employed Folk

Right. It’s taken them a while, but the government has come up with a plan for self-employed people, and it’s pretty much the same as the help for employees of furlough. They’re promising 80% of profits, up to £2,500. That’ll be based on average profit per month, based on people’s last three years of taxContinue reading “Government Help for Self-Employed Folk”

You is well fit for an isolationist

Staying in can be hard. Not least because there are a lot of chairs at home. Sitting is not our friend. Last night’s message from the UK Prime Minister underlined the importance of exercise, by making it one of the few things we can leave the house to do. That can be a run, aContinue reading “You is well fit for an isolationist”

Don't just do something, sit there

Now seems like a pretty good time to start meditating, right? Damn right! There’s evidence that it reduces stress, improves sleep and increases happiness. If nothing else, it might take up some time that you might otherwise spend staring at the wall or wondering whether your cat would like a haircut. There are loads ofContinue reading “Don't just do something, sit there”

Universal Credit

Troubled times, friends, with huge uncertainty, and whole industries grinding to a halt. The UK government is gradually making its mind up on what to do, but one thing it has done is make it easier to apply for Universal Credit. If you’re self-employed the level of economic uncertainty is that much greater, so we’dContinue reading “Universal Credit”

First things first

We’ve been preparing The Wild Freelancer for a while now. Beavering away in the background, getting advice and information for freelancers of all stripes ready on finance, physical and mental health, community and generally navigating the world of self-employment. Events have somewhat overtaken us (we’re writing this in the middle of March 2020). So, whileContinue reading “First things first”