How Can I Help?

Large workforce? Check Without much to do? Check Slowly losing our minds that we’re not really qualified to help? Check! Lucky us! We’ve won the volunteering lottery! It’s very easy to feel pretty craphouse at the moment. Uncertainty reigns, and some of our industries are in stasis for the foreseeable. But with time on ourContinue reading “How Can I Help?”

Universal Credit

Troubled times, friends, with huge uncertainty, and whole industries grinding to a halt. The UK government is gradually making its mind up on what to do, but one thing it has done is make it easier to apply for Universal Credit. If you’re self-employed the level of economic uncertainty is that much greater, so we’dContinue reading “Universal Credit”

First things first

We’ve been preparing The Wild Freelancer for a while now. Beavering away in the background, getting advice and information for freelancers of all stripes ready on finance, physical and mental health, community and generally navigating the world of self-employment. Events have somewhat overtaken us (we’re writing this in the middle of March 2020). So, whileContinue reading “First things first”

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